Specific information regarding the Communication Sciences and Disorders' Acute Care Speech Language Pathology practicum led by Carley Evans MS CCC SLP. Carley is a medical speech pathologist at the Evelyn Trammell Institute for Voice and Swallowing of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. If you are new to this practicum, start with the oldest post listed in Archive.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mark Your Calendar

Some upcoming schedule changes:

Obviously, no practicum is scheduled for Labor Day.

I will be out on Thursday, September 20th and on Monday, October 1st.

If you want to attend the next ALS Clinic with me, plan to do so on September 7th. ALS Clinic is located on the 9th floor of Rutledge Tower. The Clinic begins around 8 am. and the last patient is scheduled for 2 pm. so that the day usually ends around 4 pm to 5 pm.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spring 2009 Practicum Schedule

Spring Practicum begins January 13th (for you) and finishes up on April 2nd. Daily schedule to be determined.

Just for your information, I work 4 10-hr days a week, so I am off one day per week.

For the month of January, my flexible days off are as follows:

Monday, Jan 12th
Monday, Jan 19th
Wednesday, Jan 28th

ALS Clinic is Friday, January 16th if you would like to plan to attend.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Tests for Review and Readings to Complete

Hi CSD Student,

Welcome to your CMH practicum in acute care and transitional care. The following is information regarding tests I often administer and readings I expect you to complete during your time with me.

Please be prepared to give, score, and interpret (to the best of your present abilities, of course):

  • The Cognistat
  • The Ross Information Processing Assessment - 2nd Edition and Geriatric Edition
  • The short form of the Boston Diagnostic Aphasia Examination - 3rd Edition
  • The Frenchay Dysarthria Assessment
  • The Scales of Cognitive Abilities for TBI
  • The Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test
  • story retelling from the Arizona Battery for Communication Disorders of Dementia
  • symbolic relations from the Detroit Test of Learning Aptitude/Adults

Please choose at least 3 of the following to read:

"Chapter 2: Classification of the Aphasias," in APHASIA AND ITS THERAPY by Anna Basso, Oxford University Press, 2003.

"Functional Treatment Approaches to Memory Impairment Following Brain Injury," by Judith Hutchinson, PhD and Thomas P. Marquardt, PhD in TOPICS IN LANGUAGE DISORDERS V18 NO 1 NOVEMBER 1997.

"Remediation Challenges in Treating Dysphagia Post Head/Neck Cancer," by Barbara Sonies in CLINICS IN COMMUNICATION DISORDERS V3 NO 4 FALL 1993.

Chapter One from page 24 Patient Interview to end of chapter: "Medical Record Review and Patient Interview" in Murray's book MANUAL OF DYSPHAGIA ASSESSMENT IN ADULTS.

The chapter "Treating Naming" in Rosenbeck, LaPointe, and Wertz's book APHASIA: A CLINICAL APPROACH.

The article "Swallowing after Lateral Medullary Syndrome Plus" by Robbins and Levine in CLINICS IN COMMUNICATION DISORDERS V3 NO 4 FALL 1993.

The article "Evaluation and Treatment planning for the head-injured patient with oral intake disorders" by Jeri A. Logemann in THE JOURNAL OF HEAD TRAUMA REHABILITATION, V 4, No 4 December 1989.

The article "Optimal Patterns of Care in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" by Bonnie Martin-Harris in SEMINARS IN SPEECH AND LANGUAGE: DYSPHAGIA: OPTIMAL PATTERNS OF CARE, V 21, No 4, 2000.

The article "Treatment of Swallowing Disorder: Method of Jeri A. Logemann" in CURRENT THERAPY OF COMMUNICATION DISORDERS: PHONATORY-ARTICULATORY DISORDERS, ed. Perkins, 1983.

Chapter 11 in Chapey, Leora's book: APHASIA: REHABILITATION, call no: WL 340.5 L287 1994. Thanks.

When you read these, please take notes and turn a copy in to me so that we can discuss. This is expected!

Thanks! Val

Welcome to Acute Care Speech Practicum!

Carley Eason Evans MS CCC-SLP

Clinical Supervision for CSD Students

My clinical practicum occurs in a variety of settings: Transitional Care on 2 Center, acute care throughout the main hospital, ART, and the ALS Clinic.

How to Locate My Office:

Take the "E" (gold) elevators to the 7th floor in the North Tower, come off, go around to the left to the hall. I am in the first door on your right. Room 741.

I may be in the office, or I may be with a patient out on the floor. Call Communications and have them Carley Evans to your phone number. I will call you.

Details: As for the practicum itself: we will work closely with respiratory therapy, nursing, physical and occupational therapy. We will also involve family and caregivers as much as possible.

We will perform modified barium swallow studies as well as clinical bedside/table-side assessments of swallow function.

You will attend interdisciplinary patient care team meetings during your practicum. Toward the end, you may present our patients to the team.

The idea is to have fun, and to learn as much as possible!

Copyright Evans 2005

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