Specific information regarding the Communication Sciences and Disorders' Acute Care Speech Language Pathology practicum led by Carley Evans MS CCC SLP. Carley is a medical speech pathologist at the Evelyn Trammell Institute for Voice and Swallowing of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. If you are new to this practicum, start with the oldest post listed in Archive.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Self-Mediation and Requests for Repetition

Self-mediation is a compensatory technique used by persons who are having some sort of difficulty processing information. It may be a full repetition of the stimulus question or a sub-vocalization of part of that stimulus message.

A request for repetition is another compensatory technique used for the same purpose except that it tends to occur less frequently and needs to be encouraged and reinforced when it does occur.

Therapy Tidbits: Expansion and Elaboration

Basically, the response you have obtained from the patient is correct but not perfect; so, you expand the response or ask the person to elaborate.

For example, you ask: "How are shoes and boots alike?" and the person responds, "You wear them." You say, "That's right. Shoes and boots are worn." You can continue to expand the response by saying "Yes, they are worn on your feet. What kind of clothing are they?" or you may ask them to elaborate, "On what part of the body do you wear shoes and boots?" and/or "What kind of clothing are shoes and boots?"

The "perfect" response you are trying to elicit is "footwear."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January/February/March 2009 Practicum Schedule

No practicum on the following dates:

Wednesday, January 28th
Tuesday, February 3rd
Tuesday, February 17th
Monday, February 23rd

Wednesday, March 4th
Monday, March 9th
Thursday, March 19th
Wednesday, March 25th
Tuesday, March 31st

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring Practicum - January 13th, 2009


Welcome to your MUSC speech practicum with Carley. Please refer to this blog throughout the semester for valuable information and feedback. When you visit, please comment so that I will know you stopped by.

Please note that I will not be here on Monday, January 12th. Therefore, your practicum will begin on Tuesday, January 13th at 9 a.m. in Main Hospital North Tower Room 741.

Thank you so much.